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At Absolute Insurance, we understand that classic and collector car owners are passionate about their cars.  It takes more than age to make it a classic. A collector car isn’t just a way to get around - it’s an investment that will continue to appreciate in coming years.

We work with Hagerty Insurance to write a policy that is customized to your car and your needs.  The average Hagerty Classic or Collector Car policy is 40% lower than a standard auto daily driver insurance policy.  

Here are some features that may be included in your Hagerty insurance policy:

Guaranteed Value Coverage - In the event of a covered total loss, you receive every cent of your car’s insured value.**  No depreciation. No messing around. No hassle.
Flexible Usage - Our policy allows you occasional pleasure use with no fixed mileage restrictions***. With Hagerty, you can go for a weekend drive, take your vehicle up to the local ice cream shop or attend unlimited events and cruises.
Hagerty Plus - Hagerty Plus® is designed specifically for collector cars. It is a comprehensive 24/7 full service roadside assistance program for lockouts, battery jumps, tire changes, emergency fuel delivery and more — guaranteeing flatbed towing with soft straps.
Expert Claims Handling - Our job is protecting your collector car, and we're very good at our job. In the event of a claim, we offer stock original replacement parts to ensure your investment is covered and your car is restored to its former glory. We even have a parts specialist on staff to hunt down rare and hard to find parts.

Do you need insurance for your prize Mustang, Camaro, Charger, Corvette, Thunderbird, or other collector car? Talk with us today to identify the best combination of coverage, value, and price for you. We can help make sure your insurance continually meets your needs.

Interested in a quote on your collector or classic car?  Click below!

*Figure based upon 2016 consumer data collected by Hagerty on single car quotes, with premiums $5000 and under, from several daily driver (or “Everyday”) auto insurance carriers.

**Any deductible and/or salvage value if vehicle is retained by you will be subtracted from the total amount paid.

*** Occasional pleasure use does not mean use for daily driving to and from work or school, routine shopping, etc.