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We want to thank all of our customers who have taken time lately to leave a review about our agency on either our Facebook page or Google or Yelp. If you haven't left us a review, we would love to hear from you too!
Concepts by Brooklyn (Google Review - 10/6/2018)  5 stars

Definitely your first and last stop for all your business insurance needs
Mary Beth Wims (Google Review - 10/6/2018)  5 stars

Austin made purchasing auto insurance a breeze. He provided several quotes and was able to recommend the best for me based on the new vehicle I had purchased. He was quick to respond to all of my questions and we were able to get everything signed electronically, which was very convenient. I was so impressed with the service that I opted to purchase both a renter's policy and an umbrella policy through him as well.
Geri Jacobs (Google Review - 10/6/2018)  5 stars

We have our auto, property and an umbrella policy with Absolute insurance. We have been so pleased with their customer service. Anytime we have questions Austin Kelderman has been thorough and timely!!!
Jeremy Lawson (Google Review - 10/6/2018)  5 stars
Sherry Borzo (Google Review - 10/5/2018)  5 stars

Austin paid attention to our specific needs and created an insurance package that not only assured us we have the right coverage but also saved us money!!! Thanks Austin and Absolute Insurance Agency.
Susan Bennett (Google Review - 10/3/2018)  5 stars

Best place in Iowa!! The team of people are outstanding. Down to earth, full explanation of my coverage, using verbage I can even understand. I recommend all my family and friends to this team. Thank you Absolute for your quick work on policy changes and always being the best!!
Adijan Hukarevic (Facebook Review - 9-14-2018)  5 stars

I have been with absolute for over a decade. Anytime I needed help with something Jeff always answered the phone. Honestly I don’t think I have ever had to leave a voicemail for him. I would recommend absolute to friends and family. Thanks for great customer service guys.
Don Ferguson (Facebook Review - 8/30/2018)  5 stars

Customer service outstanding. I forgot I had roadside assistance on my auto insurance. I had a battery problem and one of my friends mentioned I might have it on my auto policy. Sure enough, pulled papers out of the dashboard and there was the card for auto assistance. Called the # and man was the service fantastic. They set someone up to come out and inside 45 minutes my car battery got jumped and I was on my way. The main thing was they stayed in touch to make sure I was taken care of properly and that the repair guy showed up!  Daniel Bell you rock and thank you for your help. I need to listen to you more when you explain my coverage 
Cory Brooks (Google Review - 7/31/2018)  5 stars

Awesome place to shop for Insurance, instead of calling a bunch of different places they are your one stop for everything insurance. I called them and 2 days later everything was done and I was saving money! 10/10 would recommend to all of my friends!?
Kate Anderson (Google Review - 7/30/2018)  5 stars

Austin has my car, life and property insurance. He is always easy to communicate with and always available to answer any questions I have. He is honest and tells me if I can get a better deal elsewhere which I appreciate, however - he has my insurance for life! I would recommend Austin to anyone!
Alex Langpaul (Google Review - 7/29/2018)  5 stars

Couldn't be happier! Austin is the best. He's extremely knowledgeable, took the time to explain everything to us, and had awesome communication throughout the whole process. Very happy!!
Adam Jessen (Google Review - 7/9/2018)  5 stars

Austin has been awesome at helping us with everything and anything that we ask him!!! He also is very timely in responding back to us!!!?
Jacob Kelderman (Google Review - 6/28/2018)  5 stars
DougMichelle Hanson (Google Review - 6/28/2018)  5 stars

Worked with Austin to price shop some quotes for my brother. Austin found some great rates for him and was able to get him converted quickly before his policies renewed. Was so pleased with what he was able to do for my brother, I asked him to re-quote my current policies. May not be switching actual insurance companies, but have filed paperwork to change agents/agencies to Absolute Insurance/Austin. Thanks for the great service!?
Ellen Stahl (Google Review - 6/13/2018)  5 stars

Austin did a great job helping us find the best home and auto policy. He was very easy to work with and the rates were much better than what we were being quoted elsewhere.
Bud Paine (Google Review - 5/23/2018)  5 stars

Kris at Absolute Insurance is super quick to respond to quote requests.
Jake Olson (Google Review - 4/19/2018)  5 stars

Great job Kris Buldhaupt with Absolute Insurance Agency on updating my homeowners and car insurance policies! Fast, quick and reliable! Great job!
Don McCusker (Google Review - 2/16/2018)  5 stars

Found myself searching for replacement auto and homeowners insurance this year after reaching my threshold for annual increases (void of any claims) with my old insurer. I was pleasantly surprised by the substantial savings Austin found for me while providing comparable, if not better coverage. I highly recommend anyone looking for new insurance contract Absolute and Austin for quotes. I doubt you will be disappointed!
Vernes Hedzic (Google Review - 2/5/2018)  5 stars

Austin is the rock star.did amazing job and still do...thank you
Michael Dean Reese (Google Review - 1/14/2018)  5 stars

"Good employees to help you out for your all your insurance and Progressive needs"
Ryan Koester (Facebook Review - 1/3/2018)  5 stars

Let's face it, almost nobody actually enjoys shopping for insurance. That doesn't change the fact that we ALL have to do it. Not only did Thad Schmidt make the process impressively easy for me, he even saved me some money in the process! I'm very happy with the customer service I have received and I'd gladly recommend Thad to my friends and family.
Jerie Jacobson (Google Review - 12/10/2017)  5 stars

Great people to deal with, very knowledgeable. Always answer the phone too.
Hollee F (Google Review - 12/2/2017)  5 stars

Austin was patient and helpful for me as a customer as well as looking into better options for my family members! Jeff has been great as well.
Marshall Whitney (Google Review - 12/1/2017)  5 stars

Austin Kelderman has been great to work with. He found me a great deal on both auto and renters insurance, and he’s been incredibly helpful with any questions or concerns I’ve had. I highly recommend Absolute Insurance to anyone.?
Caroline Fitzgerald Monson (Google Review - 11/30/2017)  5 stars

Austin, is amazing. My loyalty remains with him as he has made it easy for my family of 5. We often have to add cars or take cars off and lots of after buisness hour questions. If I ask him to send me a email to understand car insurance changes, questions on bills, or general policy questions he responds and quickly. He is Saved in my phone and I txt him. It has made my life so much easier and less stress to get questions answered. When you are managing cars for children 18-19 and 22-23 and get a HELOC loan. Policys change when we get a new car, give a car to a child or now the children getting new cars. He helps us do the best option at the best price. Thank you Austin on behalf of Leif, Victoria, Caroline and Robert. We love that we can just say " ask Austin". Or, with my son when he got his own policy working with him for best option. Warmest, and Thank you
Aaron Willard (Facebook Review & Google Review - 11/29/2017)  5 stars

Austin with Absolute Insurance did a great job finding me a cost effective insurance policy in a very timely manner. I am very happy with the excellent service that has been provided.
Gregory Lagan (Google Review - 11/28/2017)  5 stars

I had a chance to work with Austin and I would HIGHLY recommend getting a comparison. I was just shopping around and to my surprise not only did Austin save me well over $500/year, but he also increased my coverage! You’re not just a number to him, and he is very customer focused. They are an Absolute must...pun intended =)?
Jack and Addie (Google Review - 11/28/2017)  5 stars

Austin has has ben a pleasure to work with. Absolute Insurance Agency has been professional and efficient dealing with both my home and auto insurance. I thank you for all of your knowledge and expertise!
Jeff Roberts (Google Review - 11/27/2017)  5 stars

I have known Austin for about a year now. I am a vendor who has had the opportunity, at times, to serve his customers in their times of need after a fire, floor or other related disaster in their homes. While working for his customers, I have seen first hand, Austin's passion and dedication I have seen his thoughtfulness and compassion to his clainants, and I have witnessed many times over just how important you are to him! It is because of this dedication that I now have ALL of my insurance coverages with him and I recommend Austin to everyone i meet!
Michelle Hastings (Google Review - 11/13/2017)  5 stars

Austin Kelderman did a great job at helping me switch to a cheaper insurance in a pinch. It was a quick and easy transaction. He really did all the work for me! I would definitely recommend anyone looking for cheaper insurance to give him a call. It was so easy that I even started getting my renters insurance through them as well!
Zach Talraas (Google Review - 11/9/2017)  5 stars

Austin was a great help finding me the best coverage for the cheapest price that fit my needs. I would recommend this insurance agency to my friends or family without a second thought.
Luis Payan (Google Review - 11/1/2017)  5 stars

I want to give a big thank you to Austin Kelderman at Absolute. He was awesome to work with, I received my quote in a short amount of time. He is very professional and very passionate about his job. If Austin represents Absolute Insurance than i'm sure everyone else is as professional as he is there. Thank you very much!!
AnnaLyn Vida (Google Review -  2017)  5 stars

I'm new with being a business owner. I called to inquire and Thadeus not sure if I spelled that right, was very helpful and pleasant. Looking forward to my appointment.
Jason Mingst (Facebook Review - 9-6-2017)  5 stars

I work with Kristopher Buldhaupt and I can't stress enough how much help he's been over the years. He's independent, which means you're not stuck with one company. I think we've switched insurance companies 3 times in the last 6 years, giving me some great savings and coverage. I've asked him dozens of questions for possible scenarios and he's always had answers pretty quick for me. Check out the other reviews here too and you can see I'm not the only one that feels this way. One more thing, this review wasn't solicited either, I just wanted to show my appreciation for all of his hard work over the years. Give him a call for a competitive bid and you won't be disappointed!
Megan Ries (Google Review - 7-21-2017)  5 stars

Kris Buldhaupt was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him. He provided my husband and I quotes for auto and renters insurance. I was surprised that found us better coverage for less money. I can tell Kris genuinely cares about his clients and finding what's right for them and their needs. See if he can help you not only have piece of mind but also save money!?
desmikey (Google Review - 6-19-2017)   5 stars
Nate Smith (Google Review - 5-16-2017)  5 stars

Jeff was great to work with and got me the product that was right for me and saved me some money as well. Thanks Jeff!!!
Hec N Ang (Facebook Review - 4/21/2017)  5 stars

I had Kris review my existing policies and ended up more than doubling my coverage for a very minimal increase in my rate. Kris was able to put our mind at peace in the event we needed this coverage. Kris is very easy to work with and is very knowledgeable. I highly recommend anyone to speak to Kris even if its just to review your policies. He is very upfront and if you are properly covered an no change is needed, he will tell you to stay right where you are at. Great service all around! Thanks Kris!
Debbie Marshall (Google Review - 1/19/2017)  5 stars

I worked with Kris Buldhaupt and he did a fantastic job. He provided quotes twice for auto and renters insurance. He was able to save me a significant amount of money for the same coverage I had with someone else. Kris worked hard to find the best company/policy for me. He really cared about my needs and made sure I had the right coverage. Thank you Kris!?
Ryan Ashley (Facebook Review - 11/28/2016)  5 stars
Jeffrey Alan Crowe (Facebook Review - 11/28/2016)  5 stars

Austin Kelderman is a great agent and will give you and your family the care they deserve.
Whitney Howk (Facebook Review - 11/28/2016)  5 stars

I worked with Austin at Absolute Insurance and was impressed with great customer service.  He worked hard to get me the best plan for the best price.
Dan Bettenhausen (Facebook Review - 11/28/2016)  5 stars

I needed renter's insurance pretty quickly for a quick relocation, and Austin Kelderman made the process easy and got me a great rate.  You are in good hands with Austin.
Chip Pearson (Facebook Review - 11/28/2016)  5 stars

Austin has always gone above an beyond with customer service.
Gretchen Bohling (Facebook Review - 11/22/2016)  5 stars

I worked with Kris to find new auto insurance coverage and he was great! Kris helped me to make sense of the benefits to certain coverage all while maintaining my wish to have a lower premium. It was so nice to have Kris do all the price comparisons for me and take away the headache of shopping around on my own. Thank You!!
Caley Ruth (Facebook Review - 11/19/2016)   5 stars

Kris Buldhaupt went beyond just finding us better insurance coverage for less money. He was trustworthy, quick to respond and informative. Great company and people!?
Janis Hall (Google Review - 10/27/2016)  5 stars

Kris Buldhaupt, Absolute Insurance Agency was recommended to me by my mortgage lender. Kris was very helpful in finding me the best deal on both home and auto insurance. Whenever I need to contact Kris, he is always very quick to respond.
Ed S (Yelp Review - 10/22/2016)  5 stars

My wife and i got married, bought a house, and started compiling all the adult things adults do, such as car insurance, homeowners insurance, and all that stuff.  Dan Bell was super helpful in getting us covered for our house and our cars and saving us a ton of money.  He was super knowledgeable and would recommend him to anyone who is buying a home, needs car insurance, or has any insurance needs.?
Lauren Pearson (Facebook Review - 10/7/2016) 5 stars
Mike Henderson (Google Review - 8/9/2016)  5 stars

Austin K has been a huge help through the insurance process, I would definitely recommend Absolute Insurance Agency!
Megan Brooks (Google Review - 8/2/2016)   5 stars

Dan Bell does an awesome job with all your insurance needs. Give him a call he today, you will be happy you did!?
Scott Renee Formaro (Facebook Review - 7/14/2016)  5 stars

A Huge Thank you to Kristopher Buldhaupt and staff at Absolute Insurance for taking care of all our insurance needs. Kris is always quick to respond. Whether he is taking care of our local mobile food business or personal home/car needs, we know we are in great hands. We would recommend Absolute Insurance Agency to all of our friends and family.
Abdul Delati (Facebook Review - 7/13/2016)  5 stars
Sarah Bursey (Google Review - 7/12/2016) 5 stars

My husband and I were given KRISTOPHER BULDHAUPT's name (with Absolute Insurance Agency) from a family member. We were hesitant to get a quote as our insurance was with a friend, but he saved us so much money with better policies that we made the switch. We've been with him for several years now. He responds quickly to all of the questions that I send, he is very knowledgeable, and he is very nice to work with. I'd highly recommend him to anyone.
Paul Nesbit (Google Review - 7/11/2016) 5 stars

My fiance and I have been working with Austin at Absolute since we bought our house in 2015. He is very good to work with and makes insurance so easy. We have our home and auto policies with Absolute and recommend them to anyone who needs an easy to work with and reliable agent.
Mark Schulte (Google Review - 6/28/2016) 5 stars

High recommendation. Austin Kelderman is very easy to work with. He helped me save a lot of money, and makes adding or changing coverage extremely simple. My last insurance company had apparently been overcharging me for years. No worries now!
Hans Alexander Buldhaupt (Facebook Review - 6/21/2016)  5 stars

Kristopher Buldhaupt is a great Insurance Agent! He saved me over $1,300/year & added valuable coverage I needed that I did not have before!
Chris Lacona (Google Review - 6/9/2016) 5 stars

Handled a retirement account roll-over perfectly. Friendly service and knowledge of their products is great peace of mind.
Deirdre Fortino (Google Review - 6/9/2016)  5 stars

I would recommend Austin and Absolute Insurance Agency to anyone!! Austin does a great job of communicating any changes or questions, and I feel that he actually cares about myself and my policy. Great company, and great people!
Jason Pleggenkuhle (Google Review - 6/7/2016)  5 stars

I'm a local mortgage lender and Austin at Absolute Ins has been awesome for my clients. As an independent agent, he is able to customize an insurance plan for everyone. I appreciate his honesty and follow up.
Allie Shrum (Google Review - 6/7/2016)  5 stars

My car was totaled and I just got off my parents car insurance and needed to get my own insurance for my new car. I had no idea what to do and how to do it. Austin was extremely helpful and patient as I had many questions and confusions. He made sure I had the best possible deal and I can't thank him enough. Definitely reccomend using Absolute Insurance Agency!
Sandy Travis (Facebook Review - 6/6/2016) 5 stars

Austin Kelderman and staff are true professionals. Austin not only has helped me with my personal needs but has helped a number of my own clients, a testament to my faith in their services. Professionals and straight-shooters in the most (pardon my pun) absolute sense; they have turned referrals down when they knew they wouldn't be able to provide value: that fact alone tells me that they are full of character and integrity. Austin in particular continually reviews my coverage to find me the best value for my needs and I rest easily knowing that I am in good hands. As a financial advisor who seeks the same with my clients, I stake my reputation on Absolute to provide the peace of mind that my clients deserve and that I require for our insurance needs. Top-notch independent agency.
Ryan Weston (Facebook Review - 6/6/2016)  5 stars

Austin Kelderman and the rest of the Agency are very easy to work with, and work hard to find the best value for you. Highly recommended! Keep up the great work guys!
Abby Carbajal (Google Review - 6/6/2016)  5 stars

Great agency! They were able to save us a substantial amount on our homeowners and auto policies! The staff is wonderful and easy to work with. Austin K was able to answer all our questions and made the process easy. Highly recommend!
Jason Swenson (Google Review - 5/1/2016)  5 stars

I appreciate the insurance coverage that we were able to get with Kris Buldhaupt's help. We have saved a lot of money while getting better coverage. Our basement flooded in December and we were able to get help quickly through our insurance company. We ended up having our basement reconstruction covered in full! Would definitely recommend Kris and absolute insurance agency to anyone!
Amber Rae Swenson (Facebook Review - 5/1/2016)  5 stars

I appreciate the insurance coverage that we were able to get with Kris Buldhaupt's help. Our basement flooded in December and we were able to get help quickly through our insurance company. We ended up having our basement reconstruction covered in full! Would definitely recommend them to anyone!
Matt Olsen (Facebook Review - 4/1/2016)  5 stars

My agent Kris Buldhaupt saved me money by shopping around for the right insurance package. Kris does a great job getting back to you when you have any questions or problems.
Ginger Brauer (Facebook Review - 3/29/2016) 5 stars

Kristopher Buldhaupt has been great! We recently made some changes to our insurance and he was very helpful and informative of our benefits. He spent hours helping us and doing research to help us get the best coverage for our needs. Thanks for everything!
Dan Hamm (Facebook Review - 3/28/2016)  5 stars

Dan Bell has been our insurance guy for auto and home insurance for the last 7yrs he is always just a phone call away and always answers that what I love about his service. I highly recommend Dan to everyone I talk to!!
Ben Mennen (Google Review - 3/15/2016)  5 stars

Thad got us great rates and great coverage!!
Dan Dunlap (Google Review - 12/5/2015) 5 stars

Austin K. is one of the best agents I have worked with. He went out of his way to meet with me at my convenience, not his. Just outstanding!
Emily Hillesheim (Facebook Review - 11/20/2015)  5 stars

I came across AIA by accident while researching insurance for another matter. Kris Buldhaupt reached out to me to answer all of my questions. In doing so, he discovered my car insurance rate was higher than it needed to be. Kris shaved $200 per year off of my Auto Insurance rate while still offering the same coverage! He was patient, efficient, and very helpful. I highly recommend working through AIA for your insurance needs.
Ron Diehl (Google Review - 10/16/2015) 5 stars

I wish that I met this guys sooner when I moved back to Iowa. These guys have saved me a good deal of money and I got better quality insurance. They have my business.
Dr. Elizabeth Sweers (Google Review - 10/12/2015)  5 stars

I have the utmost respect for this company and their integrity! A fantastic choice for an independent agency!
Thaddaeus Reeves (Facebook Review - 9/15/2015)  5 stars

It's really nice not having to worry about all the gritty details and save money at the same time. Great agency.
Matt Rittman (Google Review - 9/11/2015)  5 stars

If you're looking to get home, auto and/or life insurance, look no further than Absolute Insurance Agency. You'll be greeted by a team of very professional and knowledgeable agents willing to help. Not only that... they were able to save my wife and I over $300 a year by switching! I would HIGHLY recommend them if you're looking to save money AND increase your coverage. Get in touch with a more personal experience with the team at Absolute Insurance Agency.
Jill Ellsworth (Google Review - 8/18/2015)  5 stars

I was with the same insurance company for years and they were fine, but I noticed they did a lot of political lobbying and not necessarily for things I supported. My husband and I decided to look around at other insurance companies, and found Austin with Absolute Insurance. What is great about Absolute Insurance is that they have the ability to look at several insurance companies and choose the one that is best for the client's individual situation. Austin was very thorough and patient. Not only is our rate much lower than before (and with a teenage son driving that isn't easy!), he communicated with us every step of the way and has great follow-up skills. Thanks to Austin, our insurance is tip-top!
Anada Mendoza (Facebook Review - 8/18/2015)  5 stars

Kristopher Buldhaupt is our insurance agent and we have been nothing but pleased with his service. He found us the best coverage for less than what we were paying before. He was very professional and friendly.
David Bell (Google Review - 8/6/2015)  5 stars

Dan and Jeff are people you want to know. Auto, Home, Life and Umbrella...These guys KNOW insurance and will walk you through the details so it is understandable. They are constantly working and make sure your coverage and costs are where they are needed. I can’t recommend them enough. Thank you Absolute Insurance!
Noah Gratias (Facebook Review - 7/3/2015)  5 stars
Nate S (Yelp Review - 5/21/2015)  5 stars

Jeff at Absolute has been terrific to work with. He took the time to explain everything to me and treated me like a person instesd of a commission. I would have worked with Jeff whether he saved me money or not, but he did, and can't imagine ever having another insurance agent.
Don Ferguson (Google Review - 3/5/2015)  5 stars

Dan Bell at Absolute ins has been great. I met Dan and he gave me an insurance check up. He saved me a substantial amount on my car and homeowners ins. While I was there a customer called in with a claim for a minor fender bender. Dan took care of them. He didn't give them a phone number to call he took care of it. That impressed me. Who does that anymore!!!
Meg Zuniga (Facebook Review - 10/28/2014)  5 stars

Dan Bell is the best agent ! Hands down . Jeff has always been so helpful too ! Love this agency!!!
Hannah Banes (Facebook Review - 7/7/2014)  5 stars
Kevin W (Google Review - 6/4/2014)  5 stars

I have had my insurance with Absolute for as long as they have been in business. Jeff, Dan and their team are outstanding! You cannot go wrong working with them. They are amazing to work with.
Lindsey Joy Mohr (Facebook Review - 4/21/2014)  5 stars
Kyle Kiner (Facebook Review - 3/28/2014)  5 stars

I have been a customer of absolute insurance since they opened in 2007. Absolute insurance will work for you to find the best coverage at the best rates.
Marco Bejarno (Facebook Review - 3/23/3014)  5 stars

Can't say enough good things about these guys! Jeff has taken care of my family for years now!
Jeffrey Eastvold (Facebook Review - 3/23/2014)  5 stars
Joe Fontana (Facebook Review - 3/22/2014)  5 stars

Thad Schmidt is a great guy to do business with.
Terry Britt (Facebook Review - 3/22/2014)  5 stars

This is a great insurance company
Jace Eastvold (Facebook Review - 3/22/2014)  5 stars
Amanda Spitzer Macleod (Facebook Review - 3/22/2014)  5 stars
Jeff Lalumendre (Facebook Review - 3/21/2014)  5 stars
Storm Eastvold (Facebook Review - 3/21/2014)  5 stars
Matt Fish (Facebook Review - 3/21/2014)  5 stars
Heather Jo Tompkins (Facebook Review - 3/21/2014)  5 stars
Adelayda Hernandez (Google Review - 1/1/2014)  5 stars
A Google User (Google Review - 1/21/2010)  5 stars

We compared 6 places and Jeff @Absolute was by far the best value. We saved $600 over Geico.