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Below is a list of 24 hour Claims Service Centers for our companies:
AcuityOnline Click Here800.242.7666
AlliedOnline Click Here800.282.1446
ASIOnline Click Here866.274.5677
Auto-OwnersOnline Click Here888.252.4626
Dallas MutualOnline Click Here515.992.4121
ForemostOnline Click Here800.532.4221
HagertyOnline Click Here800.385.0274
HartfordOnline Click Here800.624.5578
Hawkeye Mutual InsuranceOnline Click Here641.792.4267
Indiana Insurance 800.279.7221
NationwideOnline Click Here800.421.3535
Partners Mutual    Online Click Here800.551.5151
PekinOnline Click Here888.735.4611
ProgressiveOnline Click Here800.925.2886
SafecoOnline Click Here800.332.3226
SecuraOnline Click Here800.318.2136
What do do after a car accident?
  1. Remain at the scene and do not admit fault.
  2. Call the police to report the accident.
  3. Exchange information with the other driver(s) (such as insurance carrier with policy number, your name, and phone number).
  4. Call your insurance company or agent. Some companies prefer that you make the call into the claims department, but your Absolute Agent can help with the decision to turn in the claim.
  5. Do not discuss details of the accident with anyone except the police, and/or your claims representative.
Follow these important steps to ensure the accident goes incident free. At any point, feel free to call your Absolute Agent for assistance.