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Winter Boat Coverage

Boat Insurance Spotlight - "Store your watercraft, not your coverage"

The boating season in Iowa may be coming to an end as the weather starts to cool, but that doesn't mean that your boat insurance coverage should end.  It is important that your boat is protected year-round.

One thing that you need to do is to make sure to winterize your boat.  You can pay someone to professionally winterize your boat, or you can go through the steps yourself.  Check out this Progressive "Life Lanes" blog with tips on preparing your boat for fall & winter if you want to winterize your boat yourself, or there is also a step-by-step guide from Discover Boating that might be helpful.

Why should you keep coverage on your boat when it is being stored?  Just because your boat isn't out on the water doesn't mean that it is safe from the risk of damage. 
  • Last year, we had an insured where a raccoon family "moved in" to a boat over the winter and tore up the seats.  Because they had a fitted cover on their boat, this was a total loss covered by Progressive.
  • The temperature fluctuates greatly in winter - sometimes boats will have damage from the freezing and thawing coverage.  If a boat has been winterized, this is a covered loss by Progressive.
Two key things to keep in mind to help protect your boat: 1)  You need to winterize your boat  2)  Make sure your boat has a fitted cover in place when in storage

Check our website for more information on boat insurance, or contact your Absolute Insurance agent today for a quote on your boat today!