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Listing Household Members

Ask Your Absolute Insurance Agent:  Do all household members need to be listed on my auto insurance policy?

Two of the questions that we ask when working on an auto insurance quote are what other licensed/permitted drivers live in the household and are there any other drivers of the vehicle(s).   

Each company handles these additional drivers differently, so it is important that we know all of the household members and other drivers when we are quoting your auto insurance so that we can give you an accurate rate.  Depending on the company, these additional drivers could be listed as: 
  • Rated Driver:  A rated driver is covered to drive your vehicle(s); most of the drivers on your policy would fall under this category 
  • Excluded Driver: An excluded driver would not be covered to drive any of the vehicle(s) on the policy 
  • Non-rated Driver: – Some companies list household members who have their own vehicles and own insurance as non-rated drivers 
Not every company allows licensed drivers to be listed as non-rated drivers or to exclude drivers, so it is important that we know all licensed and permitted drivers in the household or additional drivers of your vehicle(s) when we are working on your insurance rate so we find the best insurance company for you initially.  If you have any questions on whether someone should be listed on your auto insurance plan, speak with your agent. 

You might also have to list anyone who co-signed the loan for your car or who is also registered on the vehicle.   

What if you don't list a household member on your auto insurance policy, and that person drives your car and has an accident?  It depends on the company, how long they have been in the household, and the circumstances as to why they are driving the car, but some companies will not cover the damage caused during the accident.

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