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Whose name should we title my daughter's car?

Ask Your Absolute Insurance Agent:  My daughter is buying a new car - Can I put it in my name, or should she title it in her name?

Before we can answer, we would need to know the answers to a couple of follow-up questions:

  • Is there a loan on the vehicle?  If so, whose name is the loan in?  This sometimes dictates what name(s) the vehicle needs to be titled in

  • Does your child still live at home?  If your child lives elsewhere, they should really title the vehicle in their name.  If your daughter still lives at home, some of our insurance companies allow vehicles to be titled in your daughter's name and still be on your insurance policy - we would list them as an additional insured on your policy

One thing to keep in mind is that if the vehicle is involved in an accident, and you are a title-owner of the vehicle, you could be held liable for the damages even if you weren’t the driver.